Manifold System

VAC-U-MAC Two-way Re-circulating Manifold


The two-way re-circulating manifold has the unique feature of being able to operate completely independent of the vat mixer. By simply turning a couple of valves the pump and manifold can serve as a transfer and load out for an entire operation.

In most conventional mixers light weight dry materials that float around on top never get mixed. Bards two way manifold system solves this by pumping the solution out of the bottom and into the side of the vat (as shown in figure 3). This creates a deep vortex and draws the light weight material within suction range of the turbine. When very light materials are used the vortex may become so deep that the turbine becomes partially uncovered greatly decreasing efficiency.

By simply turning four, 1/4 turn butterfly valves the flow is reversed so the material is now being pumped in the bottom and withdrawn through the side of the vat decreasing the vortex depth. Total vortex control and independent functions of the manifold system creates a flexible mixing system unlike anything on the market today.